Small, regular donations: automatic, affordable, and effective.

Workplace giving is a simple and effective way for employees to regularly make tax deductible donations to SurfAid.

Committing to regular donations makes it easier for SurfAid to forward plan, so we can achieve more with your hard earned dollars. When you support SurfAid through workplace giving, you will receive e-updates so you can see the difference your support is making.

 All you need to do is:


 How we can help:

Speak to your management/payroll team about adding SurfAid to your existing list of charities, or ask payroll to set the program up.


SurfAid can provide you with a workplace giving request form for your payroll and employees to use, and discuss workplace giving with your payroll area if required.


Notify us of your decision to select SurfAid for your workplace giving program at:

SurfAid will provide you with flyers and other material (e.g. newsletters) to provide you with more information about SurfAid and how your donations will be used.

Promote the program to your staff and encourage participation. You could also ask your employer if they are willing to match donations dollar for dollar (optional – see Matching Gifts)


Circulate SurfAid marketing materials and workplace giving request forms to your colleagues. A SurfAid representative is happy to visit your workplace and provide more information to staff.

Deposit your donations to SurfAid. (monthly, quarterly or bi-annually)    

SurfAid will provide interested employees with quarterly e -newsletter containing information on programs and updates from the field. 

If you have any questions you can contact us at:


In Australia, if you are an employer and thinking of setting up a workplace giving program you can either contact SurfAid or the following agencies for more information:


For further information on Australian workplace giving programs you can refer to the ATO website here.

New Zealand Parliament recently passed changes to introduce a payroll giving scheme, enabling employees to make donations directly from their pay while immediately receiving a tax credit. Click here for more information on New Zealand payroll giving schemes.


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